A flower shop should aim to get the best out of emerging initiatives such as Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning and Internet of Things(IoT).

Delivering flowers by air: Drone delivery of flowers is a recent trend although it is still in its initial stages for many reasons. Before going straight to drone delivering flowers, it is important to understand the entire process. Whether live or dried, flowers have to be cut by a team of professional florists. From then the flowers are to be placed in a well contained box. The box is then placed into the drone that is responsible for delivering the flowers to the final destination. On paper the flower shop should experience a growth in flowers being sold off as well as profits. 

Legal issues: There is a reason for drone deliveries not turning out to be a global trend yet due to legal issues that are involved. Basically for legalizing drone deliveries of flowers, the state needs to come up with stringent regulations regarding air traffic keeping in mind that there needs to be a certain threshold set for making this legal. Then there is the question of drones not operating anywhere near the traffic on roads. Another reason for it not being approved is that customer fears their privacy gets invaded. To better explain the drone has built in cameras. Customer’s location also gets stored in the system which can be problematic.

Importance of transparency: A flower company should get the best out of drone deliveries once it’s been cleared by the relevant authorities. Clearance depends on the extent of information the flower shop can receive regarding customers. Secondly the drone has to go through a series of experimentation only then it should be made legal. Google maps of Abu Dhabi and possibly the whole of United Arab Emirates(UAE) needs to be updated.

Dominate the market: Upon clearance by the concerned authorities, which ever flower company avails the services of delivering drones by flowers would be able to gain competitive advantage in the market. The shop should be able to settle in the market for years to come.

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