Setting up a baby hair salon in Abu Dhabi is no easy task as there are a lot rules and regulations to comply with keeping in mind of the nature of this particular business.

Environment of the salon: The owner should place importance on the kind of environment they want to set up for customers keeping in mind parents would bring their babies. The environment should be such that the baby does not find it unfamiliar. To better explain it would be useful to have toys here and there, it would be also great to set up wallpapers representing cartoon characters. The salon should make use of playing baby songs within the salon such as the famous baby shark song. Although while playing music seems to be a good idea it is imperative not to play them loud which can disturb not only the babies but the parents too. Keeping in mind of the extreme temperatures Abu Dhabi faces, the salon should make sure it has properly installed air conditioners(ACs) and vents within the premises for cross ventilation. The salon should also make sure the parents are comfortable and there is ample space for them to be seated. While waiting turns, parents can get to talk to each other.

Gentle hands needed: The salon should carefully hire its staff keeping in mind babies are to be handled with extreme care. The barber should gently massage the baby’s head and then apply shampoo. It is imperative that a small amount of shampoo should be applied on the baby’s head so that it does not get into their eyes. Before the barber begins to apply shampoo the concerned parents should have a look at the product and ensure it is legitimate in the sense it does not contain harmful ingredients. Once the shampoo is applied, the barber should wait for a while so that it gets absorbed. From then the baby’s head needs to be washed. There are two ways to go about washing the baby’s head either by washing it with the hands unless the barber is not familiar with using his hands. Otherwise the barber is better off using a shower to wash the hair. The one company goes by the name “KidzKutz”  ensure parents have nothing to worry about when they bring their baby into the salon. For more information about this salon visit this their website known as