Now a days, everyone wants better life and everyone wants better payout according to his skills. Therefore, now everyone wants to move to developed countries so that they can spend better and quality life. USA, Australia, Canada and UK are considered as best countries to live in. and you can apply for these countries by living in any country. You can apply for Australian visa from Dubai and you can also apply for visit visa for tourism purpose and for business purpose. So you can apply for US visit visa from Abu Dhabi. If you want to apply for Canadian then you can also go for consultant. But if you can not afford the fee of consultants then you can also apply by yourself through online. Here is complete guide for you by which you can apply for Canadian visa.

Know about the type of visa:

First of all, you should know about the type of visa for which you want to apply. Because the procedure for each type of visa is different from each other so you must know about the type of visa.

Know about your eligibility:

Then you should know about the eligibility for the visa. You can also evaluate your eligibility by attempting different tests and questionnaires. These types of tests will be different for every type of visa and different questions will be asked by the applicant. It will also contain relevant instructions for your visa type.

How to attempt these tests?

To attempt these type of tests you will have to apply on the official website of Canada. There will be different options on this website but you should click on the immigration tab, there you will see the option of my application. Then you should click there. You should select the tab which corresponds to your visa type.

Receive your results:

Then you will have to attempt these tests and after few minutes you will be able to see your results. Then you can see that either you are eligible to apply for visa or not.

Create your online account:

If you are eligible for visa then you should create online account and you should complete all of your personal information in all tabs.

Upload your documents:

Then you should upload your documents and then you should complete the application procedure. Then you will receive your results after few days.