Turkey is a place where millions of people visit from all over the world every year. There is number of natural beauty places, historical structures, cultural values and also have many geographical advantages. Nowadays it has become easier to get Turkish citizenship. This is great option for those foreign investors who want do investment in Turkey for citizenship. There are number of benefits of getting Turkish citizenship. Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship and passport through buying of investment or residence in the desired amount. Once you get Turkish passport, you will be able to travel approximately 77 countries using Visa-Free and 7 counties by using e-Visa.

Well in this article we are going to explain some key benefits of Turkish citizenship and the values of Turkish passport worldwide. There are many countries that offer visa free visit with Turkish passport.

Value of Turkish passport:

Turkish passport get 39th place with 144 points in 2018. There almost 77 countries that allows visa free entry with Turkish passport. There are 7 countries that allows online visa visit with Turkish passport. This is such a wonderful benefit that you may enjoy in Turkey after getting Turkish citizenship.

Countries that allows visitors with Turkish Passports:

As we have mentioned that there are 77 countries that allow visitors with Turkish citizenship. These are the following countries, Tunisia, Qatar, Japan, Morocco, Iraq, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Belarus, Argentina, Brunei Sultanate, Chile, Ecuador, Bosnia, Herzegovina, El Salvador, Paraguay, Georgia, Serbia, Thailand, South Africa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Uruguay and Ukraine and many more.

As well as Turkish citizenship holder can also get Visa entry into 42 countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon and some famous African countries. There are almost 7 countries that offer visitors online Visas facility such as Oman, Australia.

Difference between Turkish citizenship and other countries:

In Turkey there is unique growth in superstructure and infrastructure projects and attracting foreign investment. They provide best support for real estate investment, developing industry, agriculture, trade and some export products. Economic growth rate of Turkey is growing day by day. There are also so much benefits of getting Cyprus citizenship by investment.

Other benefits of Turkish citizenship

  • There is high quality of life.
  • You may enjoy advanced and free education opportunities.
  • There are best health facilities.
  • Safe living environment.
  • You may have confidential assets.