Baking is such an interesting task you do it as your hobby and you can also make it your profession and you can earn handsome amount of money by just sitting at home. There are different types of products which you can bake such as cake, chicken and many other products. Now a days, more persons love to eat baked food. So if you will offer cake delivery in Sharjah then it will add value to your business. There are many bakeries which also offer birthday cake delivery Dubai. But baking is not an easy task and you will need a lot of ingredients and tools to start baking. So before starting your bakery you should get complete knowledge of baking. So here is complete guide for you.  

What is baking?

It is a method of cooking food in which dry heat is used to cook food and food is cooked without oil. So cook is being cooked in oven where food comes directly in contact with heat. So due to heat the surface of food becomes brown and it gives catchy appearance and due to moisture the food becomes soft from inside. But it is necessary that there must be equal distribution of heat in oven so that food may cook equally from every side. As in this type of food, less oil is used so most of the persons like to eat this type of food and especially those persons who are on dieting. 

Types of baking:

Now due to advantages of baking, it has become proper profession and even training is given to teach baking by professional chefs and cooking schools. So there are some important types of baking which have been given below. 

Oven baking:

It is the most common type of baking in which food is placed in oven after making dough or batter and then dough gest heat from all sides equally. 

Steam baking:

In this type of food, steam is generated by water and indirect steam is given to food. Small amount of water is added and then food is cooked by indirect heat. 

Hot stone baking:

In this type of baking, stone is being placed in the pan and then heat is provided equally from all directions. It is used to bake flat bread and cakes. 

Host ash baking:

This type of baking is done over ash and heat is also provided indirectly in this.