The glass plays important role for the protection of vehicles. So with the advancement in technology and with the advancement in the manufacturing techniques, now there have been different types of glass have been made. Some are laminated glass and some are bulletproof glass. So ballistic glass and bulletproof glass for cars are also available in market. So, before purchasing any sort of glass for your vehicle, you should know all types of glass.

Car glass:

Glass are also used for cars such as rear and side windows, windscreen etc. now in modern car design, roof is also made of glass. These glass can be fixed or moveable glass. For example, the glass of windscreen is fixed and glass of window is not fixed, it can be moved downward and upward. It depends upon the type of glass. And sun roof is transparent window and it can be fixed, powered or manually operated. Some types of glass also provide sun blinds for the rear side and rear windows. Now, window shields are also available in market and these provide protection and safety from dust. Now a days, laminated glass are used instead of plain glass.

Car windshields:

It provides protection to debris, dust and insects from entering to car. It also provides wind aerodynamic window in the front side so it is coated with UV which provides protection to ultraviolet radiation. Sometimes, these type of glass are also used for motorbikes but these provide less protection as compared to car. So basically, these are designed to reduce drag and to provide balance to motorbikes.

Types of glass:

So basically, there are two type of glass which is used for vehicles such as laminated glass and tempered glass. The glass that is used for homes is different from the glass of vehicles.

Laminated glass:

In these types of glass, polyvinyl butyral is used between the layers of glass sheets. These glass are designed to provide protection from extreme weather conditions. These glass also act as barrier from certain harmful conditions. These glass are also used in the auto industry so these are also easily available in market.

Tempered glass:

These types of glass are fabricated as one poly product and these are treated from extreme weather conditions such as heating and cooling. These types of glass are also used from outside the industry such as in markets. This glass is also used in kitchen equipment such as cooking and baking dishes.