Liverpool Football Club was the primary professional English football club to finalize a shirt sponsorship deal and have a sponsor’s logo emblazoned on their kit. In 1979, the Reds agreed to an affect Japanese electronics giants Hitachi and a famous Liverpool kit was born and history made.

Umbro, an English sports brand, manufactured at that point the Liverpool kit and this association with Umbro continued until 1985 when Adidas provided Liverpool’s kits. Since then the Anfield giants have had Crown Paints, Candy, Carlsberg and Standard Chartered on the front of their shirts. Click here to learn more about how to buy Liverpool home kit.

The affect Carlsberg agreed in 1992 and led to 2010, thereby bringing to an end the longest shirt sponsorship in English footballing history. Liverpool has also had a kit manufactured by Reebok, before returning to Adidas, who currently supplies them.

What follows may be a nostalgic reminisce at the changes in kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors of Liverpool Football Club.

1973 – 1979

Kit Manufacturer: Umbro

Shirt Sponsor: None

Before any shirt sponsors, Liverpool Football Club simply had the Liver Bird emblem on the proper side of the shirt and manufacturer’s Umbro logo on the left.

This was the famous red kit of Liverpool FC and lots of great players proudly pulled on this shirt.

1979 – 1982

Kit Manufacturer: Umbro

Shirt Sponsor: Hitachi

In 1979, Liverpool FC made footballing history by becoming the primary club in English football to possess a shirt sponsor on its jerseys.

Hitachi, Japanese electronics giants, splashed their names across the chests of the Reds. A bold white “HITACHI” was large enough for all to ascertain, especially the TV audiences.

Liverpool FC, with its success, was a sound and effective way for Hitachi to plug itself.

1982 – 1985

Kit Manufacturer: Umbro

Shirt Sponsor: Crown Paints

In 1982 while still having their kit manufactured by Umbro, Crown Paints took over from Hitachi and had their name on Liverpool’s shirts in various manners.

Some of Liverpool’s most famous moments came with Crown Paints as their shirt sponsors and a few of their most iconic kits too.

1985 – 1988

Kit Manufacturer: Adidas

Shirt Sponsor: Crown Paints

In 1985 while still having Crown Paints as their shirt sponsor, Liverpool switched from Umbro to German sporting giants, Adidas, for this kit manufacture.

Again, this particular combination was there to witness some wonderful moments in Reds history and Kop hero became synonymous with this kit.