A good doctor is one that is always figuring out new ways to attract patients. One cannot just persist with the same methods over a long period of time, if they do so then be prepared to be outdone by better doctors. To succeed as  a ENT doctor in Dubai it is imperative to satisfy patients in every possible way. Similarly patients with skin conditions and diseases would listen to the best skin doctor in Dubai rather than just scribbling down certain medications to take.

Room for innovation: A hospital should ensure they have the latest equipments, machines and tools for doctors to go about their jobs. There have been cases of patients visiting an ENT doctor and then later still end up with wax deeply embedded in either ear or both. This goes to show that the ENT doctor perhaps just checked the patients ears through a Pneumatic otoscope which detects fluids and waxes that are in the middle ear. The example of wax or fluid still floating in the inner ear serves as a case in the point for ENT doctors to conduct biopsies as backups.

Boasting incredible amount of knowledge:  A good skin doctor is one that is prepared to handle patients of different kinds. There have been cases of skin doctors usually specializing in specific areas of skin diseases or conditions. Hospitals or clinics should ensure they have a team of doctors present since there will be a possibility of patients to look for second opinions or be further evaluated. For instance an acid burn victim goes straight to a skin doctor which is not wrong in any sense but implies that the hospital should have a well reputed psychiatrist present. A burnt victim will not only need to work with a skin doctor but a psychiatrist too for their mental well being when it comes to the longer run as it is a painful journey to recovery. A skin doctor should be backed up by a team of psychologists and psychiatrists to work on victims who are severely burnt.

Automation within the hospital: The likes of hospitals and clinics would be doing a great favor by getting their hands on artificial intelligence and digital technologies. It makes the job of doctors easier and convenient from every aspect.