In recent times individuals undergoing physiotherapy in the UAE and also those receiving counseling from psychologists in Abu Dhabi have increased in numbers. Such is the impact of these doctors that the number of patients needing their services have exceeded the number of physiotherapists and psychologists in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Health authorities in the UAE are on the verge of establishing several institutes of learning and training in order to produce quality health professionals. 

Physiotherapy for all ages: Availing the services of a physiotherapist can be shown in a range of population from children to elderly individuals. Individuals recovering from surgery, diseases and traumas from major accidents have to be given attention and rehabilitated.

Increase in the number of clinics:  Clinics are starting to sprout up in the UAE, be it a downtown district or the farthest areas which cater to certain local communities. Physiotherapy clinics are usually situated inside hospitals or in nearby vicinities as it is important to keep in mind that individuals going for physiotherapy sessions have restricted mobility for certain causes. Physiotherapists usually set up a gym that has specific machines to be used by patients to improve their muscle tone and mobility post surgery. 

Designation of psychologists: Most psychologists are concentrated in the downtown districts. Individuals should understand that the fees of psychologists will always differ, in simple words a psychologist who leaves a customer satisfied would charge exorbitantly. Victims of serious crimes suffering from depression, mental scars and illnesses need to be diagnosed through a series of tests and examinations taken by a psychologist. 

Mental health needs to be taken seriously: The number of individuals suffering from mental illness in the UAE is much more than expected. Factors that contribute to weak mental health are being financially weak, trying to meet expectations of family members or trying to catch up with peers. Things get bad when an individual feels trapped and is unable to express his or her feelings even with a family member. An experienced psychologist knows the art of comforting the patient. Sometimes mental health is seen as a stigma in most societies which discourages individuals to reach out to anyone. There is no one better than a psychologist who can think from their patient’s perspective. An individual who feels left out by society can consider a psychologist as a friend.