We just want our women to know that we think that pregnancy is a beautiful time and this article is not meant to discourage women to have babies but it is just to make them aware and be careful during these magical months. So, the first scary fact stated by a fertility clinic in Dubai is that since we all know where babies mostly come from. There are women who prefer to be operated but there are women who like to give birth naturally. And for the women who want to give birth naturally, we totally understand that this is your decision and reading this shouldn’t change your mind because we are just stating a thing that actually happens. So, for you women, the uterus will expand up to 500 times more than the actual size, just that the baby can easily come out but it comes back to its normal size after some weeks.

Many of us have seen our mom’s bellies and we have seen some marks on their bellies or on their waist. Well, that is because of us, because when women are pregnant, their bodies expand and the body gets stretch marks. There was a time when there was no way of getting rid of them but now there are many treatments and gels that do effect. Some people disgust it but we think it makes the women’s body more beautiful. But there are women who have stretch marks at all. And if you get an operation, you will have those marks of stitches for life and some of those stitches might pain or get itchiness for the rest of your lives.

We know that women become more beautiful and give a fresh look while they are pregnant, but the bones of some women whose bones become weak during pregnancy and because of that they have to eat healthy food and eat different types of supplements as well. Many women get iron deficiency and some get calcium reduced in the bones. Speaking of problems, some women develop a certain type of disorder called the autoimmune. There are many cases of IUI in Dubai, where the women’s feet grow during pregnancy and some women’s feet don’t go back to normal size. This is the only thing that scientists don’t know why this happens but elderly people say that the body does this so that the mom can get a firm grip of the ground from feet.