Things you need to know about hypercholesterolemia

Hypercholesterolemia is also known as hyperlipidemia in which level of fats becomes high in our body. Usually, unhealthy fats becomes high in our body and these causes serious diseases in our body. Level of cholesterol is used to check the amount of fats in our body. If the cholesterol level is more than 200 mg/dl then the person is suffering from hypercholesterolemia.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat molecule which is produced by liver. It is essential for proper brain functioning, hormone production and vitamin storage. There are two types of lipoproteins: low density lipoproteins and high density proteins. Low density lipoproteins are considered as bad lipoproteins for our body and their level must be low. These are the LDL which causes obesity. High density lipoproteins are considered as healthy fats in our body and these are good for our body.


There are no specific symptoms of hyperlipidemia however it is identified on the basis of general body condition. If a person is obese then he must be suffering from hyperlipidemia. Similarly, the persons of age more than 50 years also suffer from hyperlipidemia. But the person feel pain in knee while walking.

Risk population:

It can occur in the persons of any age. Family history also matters if we talk about the hyperlipidemia. It can occur due to genetic disorder and in obese patients.

Diseases caused by hyperlipidemia:

There are different diseases caused by hyperlipidemia if it is not controlled in earlier stages. It can cause fatty liver, obesity, knee pain etc.


Prevention is the best way to treat diseases. Although there are many medicines discovered to reduce the level of hyperlipidemia but prevention is best way to control the level of cholesterol in our body. There are some precautionary measures that you can take at home. You should eat complete balanced diet to control the level of cholesterol in our body. Your diet must contain all portions of food such as carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruits. But you will have to minimize the intake of carbohydrates as these cause increase in weight. And you must prefer healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats. You should skip the use of oil and junk food.

You must change your life style if you want to reduce the level of cholesterol in your body. You should increase the physical activity and you must leave your sedentary life style.