Having your own vehicle facilitates you in many ways because you will not have to stand in line and in public places to wait for private vehicles. But when you have your own vehicle then it is your responsibility to take care of your car. If you will not take care of your car then it will also reduce the price of your car at the time of sale. And for every minor work of your car it will not be possible for you to take your car to garage. So here is list of minor task that you can also do at your home without taking your car to an Audi specialist in Abu Dhabi

Replace wiper blades:

Wipers are attached on the car outside and these are mostly used parts of car. You use these wipers to clear the screen of your car during rain and in stormy weather. So before travelling of long journey you must have to check the performance of wipers of your car because it may create problem for you in your journey. So you can check the performance of wipers and if these are not working properly then you can replace these wipers. There are many economical blades present in market. But you must purchase wiper blades of some brand so that they can be used for longer time. You should not compromise on the quality of your Porsche Dubai service.

Replace air filter:

Air filters are placed in car engine and these filter air so that dust may not entangle in engine. So these filters are full of dust and these need to be replaced after short time. So you can unclip the filter box and then you can change the air filter.

Gas lifts:

You will need to change gas lifts after short period of time because these are mostly used parts of your car. But you will not need to go to garage for every time for this minor task. So you can purchase gas lifts from market and you can replace it by using worn lifts. Some gas lifts in car are also attached in the form of ball and socket style so you will just need to pull it. If it is attached in the form of cylinder and clip then you will have to pull the ball stud.

Replace antenna:

If antenna of your car is not working properly then you can replace it by yourself. You will have to disconnect the antenna from radio and then you will detach its board along with its cable. Then you will attach new antenna string with the board.