You are interested to start your own business but you are looking for something unique and which is easily accessible or you want to start side business then business of fruit baskets will be best for you. Fruits and vegetables are basic demand to make food. And these are used in all countries. So you can take this business to national and international level. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables market in Dubai and these can be your customers in future as well. You can also start fruit basket delivery in Dubai so you can run it as wholesale business. Here is complete guide for you by which you can start your own business. 

Make your business plan:

You should make complete business plan to start your new business. If you also want to export these baskets then you should also make plan that how you will export to other countries and you should also know about rules of countries where you want to export. But if you are going to start this business first time then we will recommend you to start this business from local market. Then you should know about your investment and from where you will start purchasing baskets. 

Define your budget:

You should also define your budget for different domains of your business. You should define your budget for packaging material, marketing and for transportation cost. 

Do branding:

Many companies do branding to take up their business to next level. So if you have long term plans related to your business and you want to make your business unique then you must go for branding. The packaging material which you will purchase must contain you brand name and logo. 

Do marketing of your company:

So if you have done everything then you should start contacting with your customers. If you are investing in whole sale business then markets will be your customers. You can hire marketing agency for your company instead of hiring marketing staff in your office space.

Contact with your customers:

If you have finalized and you are about to start your company then you should contact with your customers too. If you want to run wholesale business then markets will be your customers. So you should purchase some products as sample and you should show these samples to your customers. It will give you advantage that your sale will start immediately after opening your company.