Presentation design companies are companies that create presentations and slides for the companies so that they can interact with their staff, clients and employers qualitatively. However, presentations are not synonym of slides and powerpoint only. Presentations are any piece of document and information which can be presented on the screens of projectors to tell the viewers what the company really want. It can be either shown on TV screens or provided in the form of hard copy to the viewers so that they could read them and incorporate them better. 

Therefore, every PowerPoint design agency uses different techniques and tools to create presentatble items and pieces of information. Some of the tools the use are:

Storytelling: Storytelling is the booming tools they use. It is used by all marketing agencies, advertisers and presentation design companies as well. This tool helps them to create every document and item in such a way that the item should tell a story in such a way that it would interact with the reader and viewers which make it easy to understand.
Companies use this technique to design animations and infographics mostly because they are required to be very artistic and marketing material which not only benefit the employees but clients as well so that more client will come to them.

Storyboarding: The companies use storyboarding software and tools to create the sketch and draft. They show the draft and sketch to their clients and then work on it. There are many software which make the process of making drafts easier. They help in turning draft into proper picture, graphics and animation which not only save the time of workers but please clients who get their result and work faster before the deadline. In this tool, they have option to go with either 3d animation, 2d animation or whiteboard animation. Nowadays, 2d and white-boarding are preferred more because they seem more natural and interactive.

Creativity: Creativity is the soul of everything. They use the further techniques in it of brainstorming and questioning to come up with something new and different. They add different colors and designs to make the document and slides artistic and audience-grabbing. They use the techniques of color psychology and sociology to craft such piece which can grab the large masses.

So, these are a few tools which are used by every presentation designer in UAE and other parts of the world to create a thing which their clients really want from them.