It’s a common misconception amongst people that heart problems only affect adults, but as we said this is just a misconception. Some of the severe heart conditions are developed since childhood and if diagnosed early in form of mild condition, can be treated and cured. While it is common for children to show symptoms of heart problems, here are some conditions where you should never ignore them:

  • Heart murmurs

Heart murmur is referred to the swishing and whooshing sound of blood flow caused after a normal heart beat. For some children, when their heart beat’s heard closely through a stethoscope, heart murmur is followed after the usual heart beat. While this is often considered normal and goes away with time, it could still need inspection from a paediatric cardiologist Dubai as they can help you detect any abnormality in the murmur and further inspect the cause.

  • Chest pains and palpitations

It is obvious that your child needs to see cardiologist because it is something which shouldn’t be ignored unless it isn’t that often. The usual cause of chest pain could be the stretch of muscles and bones in chest while the palpitations could be because of occasional activity and increased heartbeat in result. You should consult your paediatrician if you think it is something worth getting check and they can guide you to cardiology doctors in Dubai who can help diagnose the problem effectively.

  • Fainting

As expected, it is one of the severe symptoms of heart problems and it can be very frightening for the parents and caretakers. While it is true that most of the fainting is occurred due to different conditions and syndromes, a physician can help you determine the actual cause of it. They will run the child through different tests to determine the right cause and ask you several questions. There is nothing to be scared of but instead look for the root of the cause and see what can be done to treat it.

If you have a family history of heart problems or you often see your child going through conditions which aren’t normal for the other children their age then you should definitely be concerned and look for the root cause. Never ignore such things and instead face the situation head-on.