Dubai have a number of well known and experienced doctors who play a very important role in the betterment of any type of disorder and they make the life of patients very easy by giving appropriate treatment to them. An orthopedic doctor in dubai deals with every kind of bone disorder. He know how to treat any kind of disease related to bone, tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles in the most appropriate way. The demand of an orthopedic doctor is very high as problems like shoulder pain and back pain are very common among everyone and the effected people are in great difficulty as they are unable to perform their daily life activities normally. An orthopedic doctor can be a generalized doctor or he can do specialization in certain areas, some of which are mentioned below:

Hip and knee:

This is a very common area in elderly patients that is easily effected. Like older women having disorders like osteoporosis have higher chances of bone pain and fracture as the bones become very weak in this condition. They suffer with alot of bone pain among which the most common is knee pain. Secondly hip fracture is also very common when an elderly patient accidently fall. So for all these issues one should consult a specialized orthopedic doctor or surgeon inorder to relieve the symptoms.

Shoulder and elbow:

Another very common pain among people of Dubai is shoulder and elbow pain. It could be due to heavy weight lifting or any other issue like inflammation or bone fracture. Any of such condition can be a huge problem for a patient as it will not allow them to do their daily life activities easily so they should immediately consult a shoulder specialist Dubai inorder to get relief from such pain and difficulty.


Spine pain is another very upsetting and painful condition in which the patient can not sit or stand properly for even a shorter period of time. This is usually due to compression of spinal veins which results in a drastic pain. There are a number of best doctors and hospitals in Dubai for such conditions who are very skillful and well experienced in treating the spinal pain in the best possible way. So such patients should visit the best spine hospital Dubai for the improvement of their terrible condition.